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E-MagLeaf full name is call Eletronic Magazine Leaflet, our purpose is more on younger generation and for whoes got the smart devices can visit us and/or can direct get to know the current advertisement promotion and/or event information instantly.

E-MagLeaf 全名是电子广告,我们大部分提供到的资料在年轻的一代比较容易收到 和/或 拥有智能手提的用户也可以直接读取到最新的优惠广告信息。

Why E-MagLeaf

E-MagLeaf 是一个广告频台提供给所有的读者或经商者,寻找资料或发行商业广告信息给读者。 无论你在何方都可以直接得到最新的广告信息和优惠分享。

E-MagLeaf is the platform provide to all the reader or businessman. find the information or public the advertisement. it can visit all the information instantly no matter you stay anywhere.

What Happens When you have installed the app ?

Once you have installed our E-MagLeaf application or save it as bookmark, it can provide you to know the lastest promotion or nearest your area event.



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Our platforn is suitable for who got the devices can online then can direct get the information instantly.

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