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If you have any suggestion, comment, complaint or others question, kindly email to us.

How can I make an advertisement into E-Magleaf ?

It's very simple, just contact our salesman then will explain to you more detail or

contact office 018-2280963 & email to info@vlipstheng.com & vlipstheng@gmail.com

Is the promotion valid ?

Normally all the promotion is valid based on the time period.

How do i make a cancellation ?

Just direct email to us your invoice detail and the reason to info@vlipstheng.com & vlipstheng@gmail.com then we will based on the contact policy make the decision.

How do i purchased the wallpaper ?

Once you have confirm an item, direct email to us and we will reply a form for you, then you just fill up the form and together will the payment slip reply to us.

How long do you take to print the namecard ?

Once you have confirm the final artwork and made the payment already.

Normally will be 2 to 5 working days.


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